“AC Agency has delivered well beyond our expectations.  They came to us with a big idea that has placed Twinings in a great position to build on current growth, both in penetration into Australian households as well as market share.  AC Agency came up with the concept and core strategy and worked closely with us to lead agency teams (Mitchell & Partners, e-mitch and We are Digital) to shape and implement the broader Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea Challenge campaign – there is no doubt this has been an incomparable success.  Both sales and consumer feedback on the new blend have already been very impressive. Undoubtedly without the amazing work from Ro Markson and her team, we wouldn’t have what we believe is by far, the most interactive, engaging and exciting campaign in tea, and for the Twinings brand.”

Gavin Vandeligt, Marketing Manager, Twinings Australia


‘The “Bega is Famous For Bega” PR campaign put the Bega brand back on the map with Ro Markson leading one of the most successful Fonterra marketing campaigns executed. From the idea’s inception; Ro initiated and implemented a creative expression that adapted to numerous touch points. The hands on approach and project management was exceptional with personal touches that made a huge difference in sales results. Specific examples included engaging Coles and Woolworths key influencers with a unique teaser tactic, event management for media, key TV talent recruitment, internal stakeholder immersion and many more resulting in new news for the brand on TV, Magazine and online media coverage. Ro’s ability to adapt from big picture ideas to micro management implementation is to be admired. I would not hesitate in recommending her for future campaigns”

Marnie Flanagan, Fonterra


“It was a pleasure to work with AC Agency on the launch of the first La Maison Maille Mustard Boutique at Ritchies IGA Mount Eliza in Australia. AC Agency worked to a tight timeline to create and execute a wonderful event for Maille with impeccable attention to detail, including a six-course meal held in a shopping centre in the Mornington Peninsula region. The media coverage focussing on this launch event exceeded all KPI’s, and created an international standard for Maille Boutique launches worldwide. We noticed a direct impact on sales, with the Maille boutique exceeding all expectations in Australia and internationally in it’s first month of trading.”

Mark Gluck, Menora Foods


“In today’s tough and competitive business world, it’s just huge that we can work with amazing partners in collaborative harmony, on projects that are pioneering, exhilarating and rewarding. AC Agency - all of you have opened a new horizons for our business and your enthusiasm has inspired us to keep the momentum at fever pitch.”

Danny Gluck, Menora Foods


“The Magda campaign was absolutely transformative for the Jenny Craig business. The results we gained from the enormous publicity were completely unprecedented anywhere in the world.  The campaign allowed the Australian public to go on the journey with one of their much loved heroes and its success was nothing short of brilliance.”

Shane Hunter, Marketing Director, Jenny Craig


“This campaign has been an enormous success.  You planned and executed a brilliant strategy. The standard has been set and you should be incredibly proud.  Thanks all for your hard work and your boundless enthusiasm, it does not go un-noticed over here.”

Gavin Loftus, International Marketing Director


“On behalf of all at Half the Sky, we were blown away by all you were able to set up for us, it was incredible, a whirlwind! What you all do is fabulous, exciting (and a bit scary!), I was so glad you were able to join us at the launch event in Sydney ...

Thank you for your wonderful care and support, you have helped make Jenny's book tour and the launch of Half the Sky Australia a huge success for us, we are so grateful. Thank you indeed for helping us bring love to the children we serve, we could not do without you.”

Deanne Bevan, CEO Half the Sky Foundation


“Amazing!  A trillion thanks.” 

Guy Russo, MD Kmart


“A sincere thank you from all of us for your support regarding the media ‘blitz’ that was Half the Sky Australia.  As usual you guys came up with the goods.”

Tracie Walker, Corporate Affairs, Kmart


“I have been absolutely blown away by the publicity surrounding the Spencer Tunick installation.  Whether it was the linking of Spencer Tunick and Lady Gaga with Mardi Gras or recreating the nude Sushi scene from Sex & the City and meshing this with a political message, Ro and Drew have ticked all the boxes and appealed to the necessary audiences.  People travel from 60 countries around the world to experience the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, so having these stories go global has been brilliant.”

Nick Parker – Co Chair, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


“Ro comes up with the most mind blowing ideas that to be honest, seem unrealistic and unachievable.  And they probably are to most people… However Ro and her highly talented team develop with ideas that are amazing, get implemented brilliantly and have the kind of impact that PR & marketing people only dream about.  For Virgin Money Home Loans’ recent Everlasting Love campaign, Ro did a fantastic job of helping us achieve a Guinness Book Record for the world’s largest Renew Your Vows ceremony and the resulting media coverage was phenomenal – TV, radio, print, online, everything – just superb.”

Michelle Zahra, PR Manager, Virgin Money


“Ro Markson’s approach to raising awareness for our company has been multi-faceted – far more than publicity. It would be impossible to overstate Ro’s abilities and accountability.  Her ideas are brilliant, her energy is tireless and the agency delivers each time.”

Fiona Sharkie, Marketing Director, The Heat Group


“AC Agency blends thought leadership and strategic thinking with creativity and a deep understanding of brands. AC Agency worked both on corporate PR as well as new product launches and amplifying existing products.  It’s been refreshing to work with an agency that dares to be different and truly puts clients at the heart of everything they do.  They consistently delivered against all KPI's and executed all campaigns with excellence and professionalism.  AC Agency has incredible talent and passion, able to engage at all levels throughout the organisation, and has the bandwidth to deliver integrated channel marketing plans.  They immerse themselves in the business to operate as a true business partner.  I love working with them!” 

Nicki Anderson, Director of Marketing & Innovation, SPC Ardmona


“The AC Agency are quite simply the best in the business. Through their hard work and determination they have had a huge impact on our business helping to raise our magazine profiles and contributing to the magazine’s continual growth. 

It’s so refreshing to work with such a dedicated and professional group.  They are second to none.”

Robyn Foyster, Group Publisher ACP Publications


“So incredibly pleased with the whole week of fabulous PR. Our sales have continued to rise day after day - a direct result of the publicity and a credit to your team. Thank you again and hope you're enjoying a well earned rest this weekend!”

Fiona Connolly, Editor in Chief, Woman’s Day magazine (Australia’s number 1 weekly magazine)


"I have worked with many agencies in the past, but working with Ro Markson and her remarkable staff at the AC Agency was an experience unparalleled to any other.  Their attention to detail and their high level of professionalism made it a most successful campaign. I look forward to working with all of you again in the not too distant future."

Florence Henderson (star of the Brandy Bunch)


“Ro Markson was employed to devise and execute a PR strategy for Home Beautiful magazine - our brief was to create monthly PR campaigns which gave Home Beautiful an edge over our competitors and increased the magazine's  profile with consumers. It has proved to be a fantastic business decision with the PR results each month exceeding expectations. Our publicists passion for the brand and creative approach to generating publicity has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of radio and TV coverage for issues as diverse as our eco issue to our design awards issue. Our PR strategy has now become an integral part of our overall marketing strategy - it helps ensure that Home Beautiful stays "top of mind" with journalists as well as maintaining our profile with consumers each month. “ 

Wendy Moore, Editor, Home Beautiful


“Ro Markson has been the key PR strategist behind our company and brand for close to fifteen years.  She launched our new company Talent2 into the Australian Market and has worked on countless other MBI investments and initiatives.  The results of her creativity, expertise and industry have been nothing short of spectacular and the results speak for themselves.”

Andrew Banks, Managing Director, Talent2


“I just wanted to write my appreciation at the tenacious AC Agency who hasn't let me down once.  They always strive to achieve the agreed media PR objectives and once again they have delivered. This morning we did our 3rd live weather cross on National TV.  Seriously I have never heard of the same company getting that exposure in as many months.  Not only that but she was so committed to this live cross they asked if I would prefer them to be here for it.  We decided against it and all I asked that she set it up for success.  They nailed it, the brief to producer and talent was so tight they didn't ask me one thing.

AC Agency you are to be applauded!!!”

Blaise Witnish, Chief Operating Officer, Strike Entertainment


“We would like to thank you for the great work you did (and still do) for Maille Shop-in Shop launch. The press fall out are amazing both in quantity and quality. Thank you very much as well for the press book, I was able to show it to all the teams and departments.

Again, thank you very much and well done!”

Amélie Lacombe, Area Manager Maille/Amora

Latin America, Southern Europe, The Balkans


“To the fantastic team at AC Agency,

Thank you very much for your support with The Big Ride 4 Parkinson’s it was a great success! All of our riders had a fantastic time and all the feedback we have gotten has been nothing but positive.
I just wanted to say a quick thank you for getting involved at the last minute and working hard to drum up the extra media coverage – as you well know without support from companies like yours and the community small not for profits like Parkinson’s NSW would get lost in the wind.

We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in and from all of us here at Parkinson’s NSW we send our heartfelt thanks.”

Natalija Gajic, Event & Community Manager, Parkinson's NSW  



Another awesome interview created by an awesome PR team – huge WELL DONE to all at the AC Agency for an amazing campaign in last week of Christmas.  You are total stars. 

Claire O’Connor, Nickelodeon


We just wanted to thank you very much for all your amazing work to get us that incredible coverage on Today Tonight. 

We were at 1222 jobs at start of show for the day and we've already surged to 1465 jobs. I reckon we should go over 2000 jobs today, which we haven’t done in some time. We will confirm final job numbers tomorrow, with QLD still to air. 
There were 110 Active Visitors on Site as our segment commenced at 6:51pm. At around 6:55pm there were 2200 active visitors. The site went down at that point. As the dust settled and the number of active visitors dropped to 1600, the site came back up. About 3 mins of downtime overall. 
The introduction to the story was very compelling: "Best job at the best price, every time.” That's not something I'd be brave enough to say, but coming from an impartial third party, thank you very much!

Jeremy Levitt, Service Seeking



This is exactly what we want to happen as a result of our corporate PR J So happy J

Thanks to you and the team.”

Ashleigh Franklin, Communications Manager, The Heat Group


“It's all true and you really are the best, not just in business either but as a person.

And yes you work bloody hard. 

Bumped into Damien and Zac an hour after seeing you and said we had just been discussing them as potential ambassadors.

They are very keen. You will definitely get them. X”

Robyn Foyster, FOYSTER MEDIA


“AC Agency blends thought leadership and strategic thinking with creativity and a deep understanding of brands. AC Agency worked both on corporate PR as well as new product launches and amplifying existing products.  It’s been refreshing to work with an agency that dares to be different and truly puts clients at the heart of everything they do.  They consistently delivered against all KPI's and executed all campaigns with excellence and professionalism. 
AC Agency has incredible talent and passion, able to engage at all levels throughout the organisation, and has the bandwidth to deliver integrated channel marketing plans.  They immerse themselves in the business to operate as a true business partner.  I love working with them!”

Nicki Anderson, SPC Ardmona


“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your tireless efforts around the Cleo relaunch – and in particular last night. It was a fantastic event. Very well done.

We are really enjoying having you help us!”
Anna Quinn, Publisher, Bauer Media


“Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the coverage we have seen thus far for the Ardmona FH tour.  For me the most pleasing aspect has been that in all articles regardless of size, at a minimum, has contained mentions of Ardmona DUO, the fact that the product contains tomato AND paste and that Ardmona uses Australian grown tomatoes.    If the planned coverage at the end of June communicates these key messages, along with the Book of Better Ways, I am sure the activity will be a huge success for the brand.

Thanks and have a relaxing long weekend.”

Heath Dickson, Brand Manager, Ardmona & Taylor’s

“Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us in the Marketing & Innovation team at SPCA!  Your passion is infectious and your knowledge amazing - we are all so much more "informed" and aware of the amazing possibilities and opportunities that exist in the PR world.

Much appreciated and we look forward to bringing our brands to life with you and your team.”

Anjali da Silva, Goulburn Valley



Just quietly well done on a great coup of Mel B. One of the things I really like about you is the quiet unassuming downright shit hot performance.

You have such a cool way of letting the client have the glorying limelight. It’s awesome.

So do reflect and give yourself a well done! In fact 5 well dones and know that your brilliance with the whole Mel B strategy has just saved a lot of tension and noise in both Jenny and Nestle around the revenue performance.”

Dave Fenlon, CEO, Jenny Craig


"What a roaring success story. Having known principal Ro Markson for 15 years, there is no other publicity entity in Sydney, with such a deft touch. As a media executive, radio broadcaster and television host, I've experienced everything she has to offer on both sides of the ledger. From vital professional advice I sought for key publicity and community projects, to a myriad of product launches and brand introductions they've exposed me to.  She has always aimed very high, and achieved beyond expectations. I'm glad I get to work with, and not compete against, this amazing team of professionals. Ro is a publicity juggernaut."

Chris Smith, 2GB


“I have known Ro Markson for about 10 years. During that time I have had reason to work with her on a number of projects, particularly during my time as News Limited's National Bureau Chief in Canberra. At all times I have found Ro and her team to be cheerful and responsive and aware of the need to provide accurate and timely information. I have dealt with many PR professionals during my 33 years as a journalist and Ro is the most honest and effective practitioner that I have encountered. As such she is highly respected by many working journalists.”

Ian McPhedran,  News Limited, Sydney


“Ro Markson is one of the most dynamic, honest publicists I have ever worked with – she has a strong sense of integrity, rarely found in the PR industry and an impressive contact book covering all forms of media and is herself a valued contact for many media players.  She has an ability to think outside the square and maximise any opportunities for her clients.”

Phillip Koch Editor at Large, Woman's Day