Bonne Maman is a wonderful French jam which is sold through major supermarkets in Australia. n order to celebrate Bonne Maman’s affiliation with mothers, we created a Mother’s Day breakfast where journalists could bring their own mums. We would launch a unique Bonne Maman conserve made using the Australian indigenous fruit, Lilly Pilly in order to capture media attention. This fruit was one of the first edible plants to be noted during Captain Cook’s visit to Australia in 1770. The fruits were regularly eaten by Aboriginal people in Australia and was used the early colonists of Australia as reported by botanists at the Australian Botanical Gardens. 


  • We invited bush tucker chef and indigenous plant expert, Jude Mayall to host the event and to conduct media interviews.
  • We held a magnificent event at The Grounds which was attended by the CEO of IGA, Fred Harrison, over 60 media and Bonne Maman’s Australian GM and the marketing director who flew in from France for the occasion.
  • We orchestrated a huge media sampling campaign with incredible results